AWS DevOps Professional Journey - Day 3

Day 3 Activities

As with the 100DaysOfCode challenge I am sometimes unable to do consecutive days in a row. This week especially problematic with a sick day and then catching up with the day job, and the hyper active 4 yr old. :S

Regardless I decided to do another lunch learn, watched a 9min video on the buildspec.yml for CodeBuild in the Udemy course I’m following.

This quickly following by seeing if there was a buildspec for a previous TDD repo I created for the “Obey the Testing Goat” book.

Always fascinated and frustrated my coffee drenched brain is bouncing around old projects with one simple question, “Where the hell was I last?”

Multitasking and playing around, which I suppose is learning to some degree, is also eaten up with always trying to update configs and dependency.

Did you know there’s a new version of aws cli and pip, oh and oh-my-zsh?