AWS DevOps Professional Journey - Day 7

COVID-19 (aka “Boomer Remover”) has wreaked some momentum this week. Including getting what may or may not be a common cold from my 4 year old son :o.

Regardless I’ve been watching a Udemy course videos here and there but today was the first time doing a real lab in quite a few days.


  • On-premise primer and mock-up using a EC2 as a VM (hmmmm?); will have to try the scaling example from AWS at some point
  • Yesterday, or perhaps the day before, I resolved an issue with a CodeDeploy lab b/c I was in the wrong directory when uploading the revision to S3

CodeDeploy Error

CodeDeploy Solution

Side Note

Been playing a little with creating ‘Categories’ navigation on this Jekyll site.

Once I have some “designer time” I can make this better.