AWS DevOps Professional Journey - Day 9-10

COVID-19 continues to distract and suck the oxygen from just everything these days.

WFH is next to nil, as there’s a full on change freeze and lack of communication from management and team leaders.

Meh. Study on. Also reading the Unicorn Project finally. I forget some of the principles and ploy from Phoenix Project, was a few years ago.


  • CodePipeline: yesterday and today learned/refreshed with two labs. Some of the provided lab code for the buildspec.yml was missing two vital parms.
    - '**/*'
  name: my-webapp-artifacts
  • Adding more instances and a DeploymentGroup for prod EC2 instances (this month will probably be expensive)

  • Adding some stages and group actions to my pipeline, this is certainly makes sense to me using TravisCI and Heroku in the past