New Jekyll, ba-bye WordPress

I’ve decided to finally getting around to fixing my site. Like many webdev projects I left my personally site to collect dust after a recent breakdown with Wordpress (again :S).

Do not get me wrong, I loved working with WordPress and the company Automattic after reading Scott Berkun’s ‘The Year Without Pants’. However, WordPress was starting to become overkill for my rarely updated blog. All the plugins I had originally installed were long abandon by the developers; next I required a new version of PHP to be installed; database had to re-created; credentials long forgotten…

Thus the site sat for a few weeks with a lovely database error. I would occasionally receive a traffic report of zero visitors.


I always have good intentions for the ‘one day-itis’. Saying to myself, one day I’ll get to mastering PHP and create a designer award winning theme to resolve my ugly site to something note worthy. This is a line I’ve been saying for approximately 4+ years.

It’s time to let go and try something different.

Jekyll seems like a no-brainer for something static, simple, and easy to update with Github.

My ramblings will hopefully be a little more streamlined in my simple Atom text editor and error free. 🤞