Hiatus Over('ish)

When it’s been awhile since I’ve dusted off my metaphoric coding keyboard and as an extension this site, or macro-blog for the kidz.

I’ve gotten back from a week from vacation completely disconnected and it’s been a bit of an effort to get back into the hustle of life.

I’m amused that much of the content on this site was pretty much at the time of COVID. Since then, not much has changed other than more gray hairs, some new hobbies (latex halloween mask molds, Minecraft, and beer making), and the low tolerance for stressful things in my life.

Some were certainly harden by the perceived end of the pandemic, but for me I was not one of them.

Coming back from vacation certain puts things into perspective of how you wish to carry most of the days on this potentially beautiful planet. A small bike ride with my son and stopping to look at nothing but bugs certainly had a similar affect on me. We’re usually fixated on the wrong goals and things in life.

Slow down even more. Read a damn book, front to back. Tackle the big meaty projects with tiny nibbles until hunger kicks up a notch.

I suspect this post vacation buzz is wearing off, but I hope to keep it this bread crumb as a reference.